Anti-Fatigue Mat corner
Surface texture & corner
of the Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat back anti-slip texture
Backside anti-slip texture

Anti-Fatigue Mat sketch & size

Anti-Fatigue Mat sketch & size 2


Anti-Fatigue Mat, is special designed mat with extra soft and durable EVA foam material. The quality is especially improved for strict requirements for hospital, laboratory for chemical resistance and fire retardation.
  • Material: Self-extinguish EVA foam Sheet
  • Color: Blue or custom colors.
  • Burn Test: Self-extinguishing. (Meet requirement of UL-94 HBF)
  • Cleaning: Basic dirt can be vacuumed from the mat. The mat can be cleaned with detergent and water.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistance to general acid agents.
  • Surface printing: Heat transfer printing custom logo.
  • Backside texture: Anti-slip texture.
  • Suitable for hospital, laboratory, and any work place requires long time standing.

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